UK to ban gay “cure” therapies at last?

ITV News reports that

… tomorrow Britain’s largest ever survey of LGBT people will reveal that thousands of people have either been through conversion therapy or been offered it.

The methods are legal, unregulated and – as we found – easily available. But I understand the government is set to announce proposals to eradicate conversion therapy as part of its LGBT Action Plan, with the details still to be decided…

Just last year it was insisting that gay conversion therapies were relatively rare, but tomorrow’s new statistics have shocked the prime minister into action.

A worshipping Christian herself, she will now have to devise a way to navigate the complex religious sensitivities involved.

But it does look as if the majority of gay Christians will get what they’ve been praying for – an end to any belief that their sexuality can be cured.

Three years ago the NHS and all the major clinical bodies in the UK signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating that conversion therapy is unethical and potentially harmful, and can cause depression, anxiety, self-harm and an increased risk of suicide.

I hope the Government has decided to do something to ban these nutcases and their quack practices, it is long, long overdue.

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Pride rains down in Manilla

Ted Aljibe, AFP | r

There were anti-gay protesters and heavy rain, but Manila Pride March went ahead yesterday. There were around 7,000 marchers who called for the legalisation of same-sex marriage. In the conservative, largely Catholic country, even divorce is illegal.

A few days ago the Phillipines Supreme Court wrapped up hearing oral arguments seeking the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Better care for gay senior citizens …

Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images | r

Opening Doors has developed an LGBT+-friendly kitemark for care homes. The Pride in Care standard focuses on five areas: customer service; safety and security; policy and procedures; publicity and promotion; and recruitment and training. It follows the publication of the first ever LGBT guide for care support staff, developed in partnership with the charity Age UK. The guide, called Safe to be Me, includes simple steps managers can take to make their home more inclusive.

The Guardian notes:

[the guide] also reveals the impact of ignoring the needs of LGBT residents. It highlights the case of one gay couple, Arthur and Ian, who were rarely allowed time alone together. “On one occasion, Arthur was taken seriously ill and transferred to hospital without them notifying me,” says Ian. “The man I love could have died and I wouldn’t have been there or even known.”

Turing arrives in Northern Ireland

From today, men convicted of abolished gay sex offences in Northern Ireland can ask to be pardoned and have their record cleared, as the measure known as “Turings Law” now applies to the Province.

The new law was approved by the assembly in 2016 and brings Northern Ireland into line with England and Wales.

Convictions that are disregarded will be considered as never having happened and will be removed from criminal records. Posthumous pardons will automatically apply to anyone convicted of obsolete offences who have now died. Men who are living will have to apply to the Department of Justice requesting granting of the pardon.

27 gay men killed because they were gay, say Sydney Police

A New South Wales police review has found that 27 gay men were likely to have lost their lives to homophobic killers during a violent period of Sydney’s history in the 1980s.

The force is considering issuing a formal apology for its handling of the cases.

8 murder cases have been solved, and perpetrators convicted. A further 19 men are suspected to have died in similarly brutal attacks, while 25 other deaths could not be ruled out as hate crimes.

Yes, you were discriminated against, Court tells straights!

ITV | r

Rebecca Steinfeld, 37, and Charles Keidan, 41, who are heterosexual but want to enter in a civil partnership, are being discriminated against. Five Supreme Court justices unanimously allowed their appeal. They are currently prevented from having a legal union through the route of civil partnership because the Civil Partnership Act 2004 says only same-sex couples are eligible.

The Court of Appeal agreed that the couple had established a potential violation of Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which relates to discrimination, taken with Article 8, which refers to respect for private and family life. The judges said the interference was justified by the Government’s policy of “wait and evaluate”.

The Government is currently considering the matter and a change in the law is not expected yet.

Game set and match to New York

New York Pride yesterday | Alba Vigaray/EPA | r

Yesterday saw the 49th annual Pride March in New York. The march was led by tennis legend Billie Jean King. There are still reasons to march for our rights, even in the US.

“Even though we have gay marriage, we still have people who don’t want to bake wedding cakes for us,” said David Jones, from the Bronx. “So if we bat our eye, it could all go backwards and that’s not where we want to go.”