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Gay Pride in central London. File date 1972 | Uncredited photographer, source/London School of Economics | 14004

Index S-Z and Numeric

Hello sailors
Michael Sam becomes first openly gay NFL player
San Francisco: Leather Daddies and Rainbow Crossings, welcome to San Francisco’s new look Castro
San Francisco – The Tay Bush Inn Raid 1961
San Francisco – We Were Here documents the impact of AIDS and HIV on SF’s gay community
San Francisco: Erasing and rewriting the history of a former gay area
San Francisco – a bar with a colourful history closes down
San Francisco: 1977, the year San Francisco turned gay, claims the Guardian
Scotland – Church of Scotland says yes to gay priests
Pierre Seel
Section 28
Section 28 – Maggie didn’t really mean harm
Sean Sasser
Charlie Self and Vincent Hanley
Brian Sewell
Matthew Shepard
Remembering Matthew Shepard, 14 years on
Mrs Shufflewick and Patrick Newley
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Chris Smith, Lord Smith of Finsbury
Wim Sonneveld
The Spartacus International Gay Guide
The dreaded Special Investigation Branch
Stephen Spender
Robert Leopold Spitzer
New plaque for Dusty Springfield
A history of gay and lesbian Springfield
186 Spring Street, New York
Star Trek – boldly not going
Norman St John Stevas (Lord St John of Fawsley)
James Stoll
Stonewall – Funding for new history project
Stonewall – new comic celebrates Stonewall
Stonewall – The birth of gay pride and gay lib 45 years ago
Lytton Strachey
Remembering Billy Strayhorn
David St. Vincent
Lou Sullivan
Sweden – RFSL, Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights
Switzerland: Ernst and Röbi’s story is now a film
Sydney: 40 years of Karate Classes comes to an end
Sydney – Mardi Gras Museum opens temporarily
Sydney, Australia – 80 gay hate murders and 30 unsolved cases remembered

Tasmania – The Salamanca Struggle
Tate bares all
Tel Aviv – the Bar Noah Shooting
Television – British – 1959 gay drama found
Mark Thompson
The trial of Jeremy Thorpe
Jeremy Thorpe Dies
The Tremiti Islands – gay concentration camp
Tucson’s vanishing and surviving gay bars
Alan Turing
Alan Turing Pardoned
Alan Turing – Pardoning bill introduced
Prime Minister personally apologises for treatment of Alan Turing
Anthony Turney

When gay men fled the UK
United Kingdom: 1967: Law reform: Marking 50 years of legality
Remembering Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
The UN decides to protect gays and lesbians
UK: 1950s Gay witch hunt: Terry’s story
US: How the US Civil Service tried to expel gays
A queer history of the United States
2012 US Election a Gay success
US Parks Department: Gay landmarks required for listing

Valentino – “I was born this way”
John Vassall
Griff Vaughan Williams
Gore Vidal
How gay was Gore Vidal? Not very? Lots? You decide

Wales – The first Gay Pride in Cardiff
Remembering Tony Warren
Remembering Tony Washington, gay Motown star
The Well of Loneliness and Radclyffe Hall
2009 March on Washington
Joel Weisman
The John West murder case
Mae West and “The Drag”
Guido Westerwelle
Mark Weston, athlete
“When we rise”
Oscar Wilde’s new basement flat
Kenneth Williams’ secrets unravel
With downcast gays
Ryan White
Tony Whyte
Wilde family: The Mary Travers libel case
Oscar Wilde gets an upgrade
Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Grey uncensored
Oscar Wilde’s love letters sold
Oscar’s home gets re-listed
Doug Wilson
John Wolfenden – Remembering
Holly Woodlawn
Conchita Wurst wins Eurovision

365 Gay News
1953 – Gay magazine for homosexuals finds itself in court

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