Index M-R



Harvey Milk in his Camera store, 1977 | Uncredited photographer/Associated Press | 14001

Index M-R

P A Maglochlainn
Jean Malin
Victorian Manchester
Klaus Mann
Robert Mapplethorpe
The Marchioness
Leonard Matlovich
Mattachine Society and Harry Hay
David Maxwell Fyfe
Medicine – we are the “temperamentals”
Medicine – How we were “treated”
Melbourne University’s incomplete gay history
Harvey Milk
US Post has Harvey licked
Milwaukee – The Black Nite Brawl
Minnesota – The Quatrefoil Library
Missouri Museum gets gay collection
Missouri gay artifacts on show
Bob Mizer’s photos and the Athletic Model Guild
James Molyneaux
Paul Monette
The Montagu trials 1953 and 1954
Murderer Peter Moore
Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan
Edwin Morgan
Moscow – Moscow’s secret gay history revealed

The Names Project and the Aids Quilt
Nashville’s gay history project ongoing
Ifti Nassim
National Aids Manual
Navajo Indian Nation, US: Gay Marriage
The history of gay neighbourhoods
New Orleans – The fire at 73 Upstairs
New York’s Bijou
New York’s Everard Baths Fire
New York – Christopher Street and the Stonewall Raid
New York: Doing the Continental
New York: Harlem’s hidden gay history: The Rockland Palace drag balls
New York: The first Village People
New Zealand 25 years after gay law reform
Death of Dennis Nilson
Sticky Dicky: Nixon’s alleged gay affair
Nkoli, Simon
David Norris counts the cost of his Presidential campaign
North Carolina: New home for gay collection
Joseph Norton
Not straight, not white, by Kevin Mumford

Bernard Oliver, unsolved murder case from 1967
Harold O’Neal and amateur gay films
Ontario’s gay history depicted in paintings
Orlando Shooting, 2016
Joe Orton’s defaced books on display
Joe Orton work to be broadcast
Out Magazine, Los Angeles, 1954 and its court case

Troy Perry
Tracing gay Palm Springs’ past
Patient Zero – The truth
Personal adverts and contact adverts
Pheonix rises once more
Philadelphia – The sit-in at Dewey’s restaurant
Philadelphia: 1965: Early gay rights demonstration, 4 July 1965
Remembering Charles Pierce
A history of outing British politicians
Bijou Polari appette pre-varda’d
Polari explained
Stephen Port: The Barking Murders 2014
James Pratt and John Smith – the last Britons executed for being gay
Harvey Proctor

Quakers celebrate 50th anniversary of ground breaking pro-gay book
The Queen Boat, Cairo, and the “Cairo 52”

Radical Faeries
Reading, UK: Reading’s gay history project
The red ribbon
Alfred Redl
Remembering Rehoboth, Delaware’s gay beach
Riga: Maris Sants and the mob
Remembering Eleanor Roosevelt
Remembering Robbie Ross
Rock and roll is so so gay
Rodeo – gay Rodeo pictures on show
Rose Robertson and Parents’ Enquiry
The Royal Society – gaying the RS
The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London
Rubyfruit Jungle
Russia: a brief history of homophobia in Russia
Russia: Gay Marriage is nothing new
Vito Russo
Bayard Rustin and the March on Washington
Reappraising Bayard Rustin



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