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Gay Freedom Day parade in 1977. Unidentified location | P.F. Bentley | 14003

Index G-L

Judy Garland – when Dorothy did the De Montfort
Gay bars: a church?
Gay Centres
Gay film: gay film pioneers remember a new use for piano wire
Gay history sort of rubs off on you
From criminals to citizens: how life has changed for gay men in the UK since 1967
The Gay Activist’s Alliance
Saving Gay Art – The Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art
Gay bars vanish
A short history of British gay media
London – Gay Pride isn’t what it was
An early Gay Pride March
The early days of the Gay Liberation Front
Gay literature: Reprinting old gay books
Gay literature: Found: queer political publication from World War II
The first UK Gay marriage ceremony to be held in a church
UK: Gay Marriage: Gay Marriage in the UK
UK: Gay Marriage: Review of civil partnerships
The Gay Men’s Press
The history of US gay magazines and papers
Gay marriage legal in the whole US: Supreme Court ruling 26 June 2015
Gay News blasphemy trial
Gay saunas and baths
Gay sport: 40 years of gay sport
Gay Sweatshop
Germany – dealing with old gay convictions
Germany: German gay literature’s use of suicide to make political points
Germany: Victims of Paragraph 175 to get compensation at last
Germany: Germany’s President apologises
John Gielgud’s little porn play
Gosling, Ray, 1939 to 2013
Goulding, Michael
Billy Graham
Antony Grey and the Homosexual Law Reform Society
Remembering Emile Griffith
Thom Gunn

Hacienda, Manchester: If you can remember it, were you really there?
Hackney’s gay collection
Richard Halliburton
Dag Hammarskjöld
The hanky code
Hartlepool – gay couple elected to Council
Jean Harris
Harvard’s secret witch hunt
Ian Harvey – MP and gay rights campaigner
Edward Heath – Thatcher thought he was gay
Adela Hernandez – from imprisonment to elected
John Hervey
Terrence Higgins
Patricia Highsmith and The Price of Salt
Magnus Hirschfeld
Hitler’s Olympics
The difficulties of being out at work during the HIV panic
Persuading the American Psychiatric Association that homosexuality was not an illness
How we used to be portrayed on film by Hitchcock
HIV – The origins of Aids in Africa in the 1920s
Holland: Castration of minors to eradicate homosexuality in 1950s Holland
Holocaust – Tel Aviv Gay Holocaust Victims Memorial
Hong Kong – John Maclennan murder case
Allan Horsfall
J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI
Hot Party, 1932
Hungary: Filming Hungary’s gay history
Tab Hunter

ILGA and ILGA-Europe
Indiana, US: Indiana’s Gay History being collected
US: Indianapolis’ Chris Gonzalez Library and Archives
Ireland (Republic of) – 20 years of legalisation
Ireland (Republic of) – A day in May – Charlie Bird – Gay marriage referendum
Ireland (Republic of) – The Irish same-sex marriage referendum, 2015
Colin Ireland, gay multiple murderer
Islington gets an archive
George Cecil Ives

The Jewel Box Revue
Charles Jury

Frank Kameny
Kansas group prepares for 50th anniversary
David Kato
Unscrambling Keynes
John Kuiper and Roger Hooverman
Friedrich Alfred Krupp
Russia: Mikhail Kuzmin remembered

Jack Larson
Leicester – The Rainbow and Dove attack
Eric Lembembe
Liberace and the Daily Mirror
Anne Lister
The London Gay Centre, Cowcross Street
London: The He-She Barman, and other Bermondsey characters
London: The London Gay Mens Chorus turns 21
London: London’s gay bars
London: London Gay Teachers’ Group
London: The Two Brewers Double Arsonist
London: Terence Rattigan and wartime nookie
London: London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
London: Lyons Corner House, Piccadilly
London: Porchester Hall Drag Balls
London: The Black Cap
London: Ken Livingstone and the Partnership Ceremonies
London: Pink filing cabinets invade London
The Lesbian and Gay Miner’s Support Group
Arthur Laurents
John Lawrence
The Long Beach Bath House
Long Beach, 1914: When actors entrapped cruisers and cottagers
Los Angeles: Gay motorcycle clubs celebrated
Los Angeles: Remembering the Black Cat
Louisiana, US: Major collection preserved
Love is a Drag LP re-released

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