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Marchers in NYC Gay Pride Parade

National Gay Task Force at a Gay Pride Parade. Unidentified location. File date 1973 | Uncredited photographer and source/Huffington Post | 14002

Index A-F

Act Up
Richard Adams
Admiral Duncan bombing
Adoption: the secret way of getting married for gay men
Advertising – gay advertising goes mainstream
The Advocate
Age of consent equalisation
AIDS 30 years on
Albee, Edward
Outing Early America
Amsterdam – The Homomonument and the Homomonument movement
Another gay museum planned
Australia: Gay marriage postal vote, 2017
Australia: Queensland: To erase old convictions for homosex offences
Australia: Sydney apologises to the 78ers
Australia’s use of gay conversion therapies
Axel Axgill

Gilbert Baker and the Gay Flag
Gilbert Baker dies
Jack Baker and Michael McConnell
Jack Baker and Michael McConnell – 2
William John Bankes
The Barking Murders 2014 – Stephen Port
Remembering Fritz Bauer
Ian Baynham
The Bay Area Reporter
BBC Gay archive published on internet
Gad Beck
Remembering Brendan Beehan
The Play “Bent”
Jeremy Bentham
Pierre Bergé
Berlin: Klaus Wowereit steps down as mayor
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – The BBC’s Christmas Trees
The British Library’s gay secrets
British Museum – what’s gay about it
Paul Broussard 
Bruce Bellas – Bruce of Los Angeles
Berlin, Germany: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs and the early gay rights movement, 1867
Kirk Lemoyne “Lem” Billings
Blood – The lifetime UK ban on gays giving blood
Blotting Paper will never be the same again
The Bolton Seven
The Boothby scandal
Boston Marriages
Betty Bourne and Bloolips
The Boys in The Band
Rudolf Brazda
President Buchanan
Peter Burton
Douglas Byng

Cairo, Egypt: Court throws out gay bathhouse case in one minute
Alex Calderwood
Tim Campbell
Canada: Remembering Everett George Klippert
Canada: Toronto gay bath house raids 1981
Canada: Toronto’s gay treasure trove
Canada’s Gay Purge
Michael Causer
Canada’s gay “tests”
The raid on the Caravan Club, 1934
Luis Carle
Channel 4 News covers gay history in three minutes
Edward Carpenter
Albert Cashier
Charlotte, Carolina: Charlotte and the Angels of America
China’s gay past
Christopher Chataway
Last baths in Chicago
Chicago’s gay archive
Chicago: Windy City Times makes 25
Chicago: Chicago remembers gay icons Sally Ride and Cole Porter
Homosexuality in Ancient China
China – China tiptoes out of the closet, gently
The Chymorvah Affair
Cinema – putting gay rights on trial in film
Civil Service (UK) – ending the promotion ban
No closet at all, just leading double lives
The Cleveland Street scandal
The Netherlands – COC
USA: Cold war purge: Kerry apologises
Michael Collins
Tracing the Colt Models
Coming Out Day
Communism: the role of Communism and Socialism in Gay Liberation
The first gay cookbook?
Clayton Coots
Nicky Crane, the far right gay skinhead
Rupert Croft-Cooke
Gay days in Cuba
Cuba: Havana’s secret gay parties
Cuba: Improved but not yet free
Remembering John Curry

David is Homosexual, CHE Lewisham film project
Jacob Israel de Haan
Denmark: LGBT Denmark
Michael Denneny, publisher of “Christopher Street” magazine
Shelagh Delaney’s legacy
Denmark’s Dr. Death
The Homosexual Conspiracy and Lord Dervaird
Detroit, US: Madonna’s old disco ball unearthed in Detroit
Different from the others (Anders als die Andern)
Dishonourable discharge
Peter de Rome
Dublin: Micheál MacLiammóir and Hilton Edwards
Dumping DOMA
The ending of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
Dream City Fire
Dublin: The Fairview Park Murders and the Declan Flynn murder case
Dublin: Dublin’s gay secrets
Jeff Dudgeon

Nicholas Eden – the gay man in Margaret Thatcher’s government
Gay Edmonton, Canada
President Eisenhower – I like Ike, But Ike didn’t like us
The Eldorado, Berlin
England and Wales – Gay Marriage legalised
Equal Marriage in the UK – timeline
Paula Ettelbrick
Brian Epstein remembered by a new play
Arthur Evans

Fanny and Stella
Fascism: When rights are taken away
Fashion: the gay influence on fashion
Ken Fells, The oldest gay man in Wisconsin
The Fire Island Fire
London: First Out Café Bar closes
Florida’a gay archive
Florida: The Johns Committee witch hunt 1956-65
France – gay marriage
Barney Frank
Wayne Friday

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