Remembering Tony Warren


Tony Warren, 1965 | John Vere Brown/National Portrait Gallery | 16135gh

Gay Activist is sad to learn of the passing of writer Tony Warren, aged 79.
Best known as the creator of Coronation Street, he died on Monday night after a short illness, surrounded by friends.

Homosexuality was illegal when Coronation Street was created and Warren said that, “if you were going to work in television and you were gay, you had to be three times as good as anyone else.

“The first Coronation Street writing team contained some of the biggest homophobes I’ve ever met. I remember getting to my feet in a story conference and saying: ‘Gentlemen, I have sat here for two-and-a-half hours and listened to three poof jokes, a storyline dismissed as poofy and an actor described as ‘useless for us as he’s a poof’. As a matter of fact, he isn’t. But I would point out that I am one, and without a poof none of you would be in work today.’”

Warren is survived by his cousin Roy and his friends and colleagues.



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