Kirk LeMoyne ‘Lem’ Billings



John F Kennedy and Lem Billings | JFK Presidential Library | 16081gh

The book ‘Jack and Lem: The Untold Story of an Extraordinary Friendship’ by David Pitts, deals with the late President’s lifelong friendship with Kirk LeMoyne ‘Lem’ Billings, after the pair first met in Choate prep school. The book, first issued in 2007, claims President John F Kennedy had a special room in the White House reserved just for his gay best friend. The pair were so close that they wrote lengthy letters to each other whenever they were apart.


Uncredited | 16082gh

Mr Billings never came out as gay, but Ben Bradlee, a mutual friend and influential newspaper editor, admitted: “I suppose it’s known that Lem was gay….It impressed me that Jack had gay friends. Everybody knew, but that’s not the kind of thing you talked about in those days.”

In a subsequent book “RFK Jr. and the Dark Side of the Dream” Jerry Oppenheimer claimed the pair had “a friendship that included oral sex, with Jack always on the receiving end”.

“Lem” Billings, born April 15, 1916, died May 28, 1981.



2 thoughts on “Kirk LeMoyne ‘Lem’ Billings

  1. The gay grapevine was more honorable than the straight one, especially those of soviet-controlled prostitutes. The ghastly exception was the drag quean John ‘Joanna’ Edgar Hoover, patsy of the Hearst Corporation. For those who lie back, lying is 2nd nature.


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