Gay history sort of rubs off on you…



Christian Gooden | St Louis Metro | 15360

Steven Reigns, pictured, has created a display of rubbings taken at gay landmarks around the world. 150 rubbings have been taken from landmarks, signs, tombstones, plaques and other monuments. They represent what Reigns says are integral pieces of “queer” history.

The idea for the exhibit began more than five years ago, when Reigns walked past a plaque in a small park in his neighborhood. It was placed there in November 2009 as a “Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorial.”

Included in the exhibit is Leonard Matlovich, an Air Force sergeant and veteran of the Vietnam War who challenged the ban on gays serving in the military, and Ivy Bottini, who helped found the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women, but was expelled because she was a lesbian.


Christian Gooden | St Louis Metro | 15361

“I began to wonder: ‘Are there others? What do they look like?’” Reigns said. He found that there was no comprehensive listing of markers noting places, people or events that help document gay history. He created a website listing markers and encouraged others to participate.

Many of the pieces in the collection by Reigns are done by friends or supporters of the project who were traveling to or lived in a place where a marker is situated. In turn, Reigns would send them a piece of fabric and a black crayon to do the rubbing.

Reigns is a poet and has taught writing workshops around the country to LGBT youths and people living with HIV.



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