Michael Denneny



Michael Denneny, 1988 | Robert Giard | 14016

Slate has published an interview with Michael Denneny, who is one of the founders of one of America’s 1970’s leading gay magazines, “Christopher Street”.

Mr Denneny first got a job at book publishers Mcmillan. The first gay book he published with them was “The Homosexuals: Who and What We Are” by Alan Ebert.

I’d gotten involved with the Gay Activists Alliance, and in time we’d started our first gay magazine, OUT, in 1973, but it only lasted two issues before folding. During that period I’d gotten close to a young guy just out of grad school named Chuck Ortleb, and we continued that discussion—intensively!—for the next couple of years. These discussions with Chuck ended up convincing me there was such a thing as gay literature and, more importantly, that a change of consciousness, a change in our imaginations, had to be the first step in fighting for gay rights. The best way to do that was through a literary magazine. Electoral politics was not at all a promising avenue at the time. So we ended up founding Christopher Street in 1976, one of the first gay literary magazines—and that got me fired for good from Macmillan.


A Christopher Street issue | Public domain | 14017



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