Radical Faeries



The Radical Faeries Village at San Francisco Pride, 2010 | Fundi | 14048

Radical Faeries are a loosely-affiliated worldwide network who want to redefine queer consciousness through spirituality. The movement contains elements of Paganism, anarchism and environmentalism. The Faeries were founded in California in 1979 by Harry Hay, Mitch Walker, and Don Kilhefner who wanted to counter the assimilationist attitude of the mainsteam U.S. gay community – they thought that the gay community was becoming a parody of the straight community. The first Spiritual Conference for Radical Fairies was held in Arizona in September 1979.

They were not the first Faeries. The gay activist and writer Arthur Evans founded “the Faery Circle” in San Francisco in 1976.

Faeries are a very diverse group and tend to be fiercely independent, anti-establishment, and community-focused.


Some Faeries at Santa Cruz, undated | Santa Cruz Diversity Center | 14049

During the 1980s the Radical Faerie movement expanded to Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Italy. There are Radical Faerie Sanctuaries in Australia, Canada, France, Thailand and the US.

Henry “Harry” Hay Junior was born on April 7, 1912 and died on October 24, 2002.



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