Alfred Redl



Alfred Redl | Public domain | 14147

Alfred Redl was born on March 14, 1864 in Lemberg, Galicia, which was then in the Austrian Empire and is now known as Lviv, Ukraine, He died by his own hand on May 25, 1913. Openly homosexual and from a poor background, he became the head of the the counter-intelligence organisation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

At the same time, Redl spied for the Russians. Russian military intelligence in Warsaw discovered Redl’s homosexuality as early as 1901, and blackmailed him into revealing classified information. There are also unproved allegations that he also spied for France and Italy.

On May 9, 1913, a letter for Redl sent Poste Restante (to be collected) was intercepted and was found to contain money. After a number of days Redl collected the letter. Redl committed suicide by gunshot.



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