Sean Sasser



Sean Sasser’s Twitter photo | Eton Online | 14157

Sean Sasser, an AIDS activist and chef whose romance with Pedro Zamora on the MTV reality show “The Real World” in 1994 was among the first real-life gay relationships on television, died on Wednesday at his home in Washington. He was 44.

Their relationship and their commitment ceremony, held in the “Real World” apartment, became the show’s most compelling story line. Each had contracted H.I.V. as teenagers.

Sean Franklin Sasser was born in Detroit on Oct. 25, 1968. His parents divorced when he was 6. He tried to enlist in the Navy at 19 and was rejected when a blood test showed he had contracted H.I.V. He traveled around the US, attended culinary school and became involved in AIDS education and activism. After Mr. Zamora’s death, Mr. Sasser became a more prominent advocate.

More recently, Mr. Sasser had concentrated on baking. He was the pastry chef at Ris, a restaurant in Washington. Mr. Sasser and his partner Mr. Kaplan were married this year. Mr. Sasser is survived by Mr. Kaplan, his mother, Patricia, and his sister, Staci White.

Gay Activist sends condolences to friends, family and colleagues.



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