Eric Lembembe


Eric Lembembe | 76 Crimes | 14164

Prominent Cameroonian gay rights activist and journalist Eric Lembembe, pictured, was killed in July 2013. Human Rights Watch reported that

Mr Lembembe’s neck and feet were broken and his face, hands, and feet had been burned with an iron.

Mr Lembembe was the executive director of the Cameroonian Foundation for Aids, a courageous activist who campaigned for equal rights, despite severe discrimination and violence. His friends discovered his body at his home in Yaounde, after being unable to reach him by phone for two days.

There have been other worrying incidents in Cameroon. The headquarters of Alternatives-Cameroun was burned down on 26 June; the Yaounde office of human rights lawyer Michel Togue was burgled and his legal files and laptop stolen; Mr Togue and Alice Nkom, another lawyer, have received repeated death threats including threats to kill their children.

In December, a Cameroon appeals court upheld the sentencing to 36 months in prison of Roger Jean-Claude Mbede under anti-gay legislation.



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