Jacob Israel de Haan



Jacob Israël de Haan | Gayinfo | 14219

Jacob Israël de Haan was born on December 31, 1881 in Drenthe, Netherlands, one of 18 children; and died on June 30, 1924 when he was assassinated in Jerusalem, Palestine by the Jewish paramilitary organization Haganah, making him accepted as the first victim of Zionist political violence.

When his first book was published in 1904, “Pijpelijntjes”, which deals with his own gay life with a man called “Aletrino” in Amsterdam’s “Pijp” working-class district, the homo-eroticism of the book led to his dismissal from his teaching job and his being excluded from social-democratic political circles. Undeterred, he wrote a second book in 1908, “Pathologieën” which describes the sorrows and joys of a sadomasochist relationship.


Avraham Tehomi | Jewish Magazine | 14220

He was a social reformer and pacifist and became very involved with the Zionist movement, which led to him visiting Jerusalem where he was assassinated by Avraham Tehomi (1903-1990).

In 1924 Palestine was a British Mandated Territory.



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