Gay Pride isn’t what it was


Participants dressed as dogs crawl on leads during the annual Pride London parade on June 29, 2013 | Luke MacGregor/Reuters | 14222

Twenty-five years ago, Pride was so small it struggled to fill half of Kennington Park and a disco tent, writes Ivan Massow.

“A few of us would get together and walk from Embankment Tube station, over a bridge, to the only park in south London that would have us. A route and a park where we’d cause least objection to the slightly disingenuous group of authorities from whom we needed permission. Hyde Park was totally out of the question. … We weren’t many; most were too frightened to be seen on the march in case they were spotted by their folks on a slightly pitying Six O’Clock News.”



One thought on “Gay Pride isn’t what it was

  1. This was the last pride in London before Belfast started its own (I think), it was actually quite well attended. People are allowed to drop out and do other things rather than drink over-priced booze and disco – some of us are into drugs’n’sex’n’Rossini you know…


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