John Kuiper and Roger Hooverman



Roger Hooverman and John Kuiper | Location and date: New York, 1979 | Brian Alpert/Getty Images | 14256

Reverend John Kuiper, right, the first gay man in America to win the right to adopt a child, is shown with his partner Roger Hooverman, during a Gay Rights March, in New York. The appearance of the photograph in the media generated more problems for the Rev. Kuiper.

In April 1980, Ministry Magazine reported: “A family-court judge in Albany, New York, has granted permanent custody of a 13-year-old boy to an avowed homosexual minister who has adopted the boy.”

Judge James Battista of Greene County Family Court in Albany, remarked: “The reverend is providing a good home.” The minister, John Kuiper, 36, of Catskill, New York, adopted the boy (in 1978/9). A court investigation was begun after Kuiper admitted publicly that he was living with 40 year-old Roger Hooverman.

Mr. Kuiper, an ordained minister of the Reformed Church in America, was pastor of the Good News Metropolitan Community Church in Albany, “which serves mainly homosexuals”. The Reformed Church was seeking to cancel Kuiper’s ordination. Kuiper, who was married for eight years, said he didn’t think his example would influence his adopted son toward homosexuality.



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