Mark Weston, athlete



Mark Weston | Life Magazine | 14261

In April and May 1935, transgender British athletic champion Mary Edith Louise Weston, transitioned from female to male at Charing Cross Hospital, becoming Mark Edward Louis Weston (pictured).

The date for her operations is taken from an interview in the London Times which was published on 20 August 1936 and available through Google. By the time of the interview, Mark Weston had married Alberta Bray.

“I am recognised by the medical and the law as a man and am now married,” Mark told the newspaper. The Hospital gave him a certificate saying “Mr Mark Weston, who was always brought up as a female, is male and should continue life as such.”

As Miss Weston he first became interested in athletics in 1924.

The information in The Times interview contradicts information given on other websites.

After the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Avery Brundage, the president of the United States Olympic Committee, requested that a system be established to examine female athletes.

In a Time magazine article about hermaphrodites, Brundage felt the need to clarify “sex ambiguities” after observing the performance of Czechoslovak runner and jumper Zdenka Koubkova and English shotputter and javelin thrower Mary Edith Louise Weston.


Mark Weston | Public Domain | 14262

Mary Edith Louise Weston/Mark Weston of Great Britain was the best shot putter from 1924 to 1930, and the best javelin thrower in 1927. He became a physiotherapist, had three children, and died in Plymouth in 1978.



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