Bill introduced to pardon Alan Turing

GH 130510

Alan Turing | Public domain | 14276

The Alan Turing Statutory Pardon Bill was introduced in the House of Lords for its first reading yesterday by Liberal Democrat Lord John Sharkey. It seeks to pardon the gay computer genius Alan Turing, who was prosecuted for gross indecency in 1952, after having a relationship with another man. It is a private members’ bill.

“Alan Turing helped save this country,” said Lord Sharkey. “His work on cracking the Enigma Code at Bletchley Park during World War 2 undoubtedly changed the course of the war and saved many thousands of lives. Instead of being rewarded by his country, he was cruelly punished and convicted simply for being gay. If my Bill becomes law, as I hope it will, then this will finally go some way towards acknowledging the debt we all owe to Alan Turing and grant him the pardon he so clearly deserves.”

A petition to have Turing pardoned gathered 37,402 signatures in favour of granting him an official pardon.



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