The Rainbow and Dove attack



Mitchell Dean | BBC | 14281

Mitchell Dean, 22, from Laindon, Essex, torched two men who were drinking in the garden of the Rainbow and Dove pub, in Leicester, on October 25th, 2011. A week earlier Dean had attacked another man in a similar fashion.

On 15 April 2013 Dean was detained under the Mental Health Act. Sentencing Dean at Basildon Crown Court, Judge David Owen-Jones said: “The physical and psychological effects on these three young men are agonising. Their lives have been shattered at a very young age. They’re three young lads who had so much to look forward to in life.”


The Rainbow and Dove pub, Leicester | BBC | 14282

Dean had suffered from paranoid schizophrenia for three years before he was diagnosed and was obsessed with fire. He would set fires in open spaces, once set fire to a goose, and threatened to set fire to horses in a field.

Dean had known 20-year-old David Chaplin for three years when he set fire to him in the early hours of 19 October 2011. They shared 15 beers at Mr Chaplin’s flat and Dean attempted to kiss his friend on the cheek. Mr Chaplin resisted, saying he “didn’t feel that way”. Dean doused his friend with petrol, threw a match at him and fled the scene, leaving him on fire. Mr Chaplin had 25-27% burns predominantly on his head, face and hands, had his finger tips amputated and was permanently scarred. Barry Chaplin, his father said his son is no longer able to work. David was going to start work as a carpenter before he was attacked.


Victim Russell Banks | BBC | 14283

Russell Banks, who was just 21 at the time of the incident, and Robert Laszewski, who was 20, were drinking together at the Rainbow and Dove on 25 October 2011 when Dean threw an accelerant at them, believed to be petrol. Both were engulfed in flames. CCTV showed Dean leaving the scene with his jacket on fire. Mr Banks suffered 32% burns to his body and has permanent scarring on his head, face, hands and neck while Mr Laszewski was burnt on his arms and face.



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