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Gay Activist is sad to learn of the passing of P A MagLochlainn of Northern Ireland. PA MagLochlainn was the first openly gay member of the executive of an Irish political party, when elected to the executive of the SDLP in the 1990s.

Over 20 years ago, MagLochlainn was one of the organisers of Belfast’s first Gay Pride march. Less than 100 attended. He kept the T-shirt he wore, wearing it at every subsequent march. He also acted as a counsellor, work which touched the lives of hundreds.

He provided training to the RUC in how they should deal with the gay community, and also in the Irish language, and how to show respect to Irish culture.

MagLochlainn was a man of great culture who spoke five languages, was a compulsive reader of newspapers, and was uninterested in material possessions. He did not care if the house was falling down round him, as long as he had a book before him.

He is survived by his partner, Barry, his five sisters and two brothers. He was predeceased by his sister Vivian Groogan.

Gay Activist sends condolences to Barry, family, friends and colleagues.



3 thoughts on “P A MagLochlainn

  1. For those of us who knew him there’s going to be a ‘PA’ sized hole in their lives.
    It isn’t accurate to claim that “less that 100” were on Belshaft’s 1st Pride. There were about 110 to 120 (may sound silly but people came and went – it was more of a route march – I’m not saying who chose the route…).


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