2012 US Election a gay success



Tammy Baldwin | Politico | 14342

Gay marriage won at the ballot box four times in the November 6, 2012 US elections. Four states defended marriage equality and Wisconsin elected the first openly-gay US Senator.

Maryland, Washington and Maine all voted to allow same-sex marriage; Minnesota voted down a measure designed to ban gay marriage.

In Wisconsin, openly-lesbian Congress woman Tammy Baldwin, pictured, became the first US gay Senator to gain election.


Mark Ferrandino | Associated Press | 14343

Colorado Democrats have elected the first openly gay House speaker in state history, Denver Rep. Mark Ferrandino, giving control of the chamber to a man who was the public face of a fierce debate over civil union legislation that Republicans defeated six months ago. His election won’t be official until lawmakers reconvene in January and Republicans ratify the pick. According to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, there are currently two openly gay House speakers in state legislatures: John Perez in California and Gordon Fox in Rhode Island.



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