George Cecil Ives



The only known image of George Cecil Ives, dates from around 1900 | Public domain | 14377

George Cecil Ives was born on 1 October 1867 and became a friend of Oscar Wilde in 1892. In 1895 Ives founded the Order of Chaeronea, a secret society for homosexuals in a time of persecution in England. In the same year he became friends with Edward Carpenter. In 1906 he moved home to 196 Adelaide Road, London NW3. In 1914 he founded the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology along with Edward Carpenter, Magnus Hirschfeld, Laurence Housman and others. As well as campaigning for gay rights, Ives also became a prison reformer.

Ives was somewhat eccentric in later years and after World War II ended, he refused to beleive it, and is alleged to have continued to carry his gas mask around with him until he died on 4 June 1950.



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