Rose Robertson and Parents Enquiry



Rose Robertson | Polari Magazine | 14437

Gay Activist is sad to learn of the passing of Rose Ellen “Rose” Robertson, age 94. Rose pioneered gay and lesbian helplines in the UK. Rose Robertson “highlighted a social need”, said Peter Tatchell, and helped do something about it.

“Robertson told me that during her wartime work in France an incident occurred which contributed to her later embrace of the gay rights cause,” said Tatchell. “She was billeted with two young male French Resistance agents. One night she entered their room and found them in an embrace. There was mutual embarrassment all round. Not a word was said for three days. Rose knew nothing about homosexuality and was curious. She eventually plucked up the courage to ask them. Both men told stories of family prejudice and rejection. Their story affected her deeply. She was shocked that parents could be so heartless towards their gay children.” It led to her founding Parents Enquiry.

Gay Activist sends condolences to Ms Robertson’s family, friends and colleagues.

Updated 12 January 2013: Replacement photograph.
Updated 23 November 2014: Original source article for this post is no longer available. Alternative obituary located.

Rose Robertson, age 94



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