J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI



Tolson (left) and Hoover (right) | Public domain | 14443

A former top aide to U.S. law enforcement boss J. Edgar Hoover, long reputed to have been also known as Mary, disagrees with Leonardo DiCaprio’s depiction of the one-time FBI boss as a gay man because he’s convinced the gay rumours about Mr Hoover are untrue.

DiCaprio spent several hours with Cartha DeLoach at the 91-year-old’s home in South Carolina while researching his role and the two men discussed the FBI director’s sexuality. DeLoach was part of the team which investigated President John F. Kennedy’s death in the 1960s says

“I made it very clear that I never saw any evidence of (homosexuality) whatsoever. I travelled with him (Hoover), I ate in his home and he in mine.”

But the one-time deputy FBI director’s concerns appear not to have swayed DiCaprio and director Clint Eastwood from portraying Hoover as a closeted gay man with deep feelings for his aide Clyde Tolson.

DeLoach insists Hoover and Tolson were nothing more than good friends:

“I knew Clyde Tolson to be Mr. Hoover’s companion and best friend. When you are somebody like Mr. Hoover, I guess you need somebody to talk to.”

Yes of course.

William Branon, chairman of The J. Edgar Hoover Foundation and officials at the Society of Former Special Agents of the Fbi have fired off letters to Eastwood expressing their concerns about the misrepresentation of an American hero, with Branon stating,

“It would be a grave injustice and monumental distortion to proceed with such a depiction based on a completely unfounded and spurious assertion,” and William Baker, a former agent and Hoover Foundation vice president, told USA Today “We don’t want to support something not based in fact.”

Like some of the FBI Files under Hoover?



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