Arthur Evans



Arthur Evans | Jeffrey Schwarz/Vito | 14455

Gay Activist records the passing of Arthur Evans, who helped form and lead the movement that coalesced after gay people and their supporters protested at the police raid on the Stonewall Inn in 1969. Mr Evans died on Sunday of a heart attack at his home in San Francisco. He was 68. Mr. Evans was not at the Stonewall disturbances, but they fueled in him a militant fervor and inspired him to join the Gay Liberation Front, an organization started during the wave of gay assertiveness that followed. Mr Evans found the activities of the GLF too tame for his liking and in December 1969 with like minded companions split off to found the Gay Activists Alliance. The GAA quickly became known for its ‘zaps’ and protests backed up with quiet and persuasive lobbying, and established a working, effective and much copied model for gay organisations that has served well to this day.

Gay Activist sends condolences to Mr Evans’ friends, family and colleagues.



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