Aids, 30 years on


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Writing in the American Gloucester Times, Michael Cook reflects on the HIV/Aids crisis, 30 years on, in a thoughtful review.

Gay men of my generation buried far too many friends and lovers at far too young an age. The early years of the AIDS epidemic were, for many of us, a kind of Vietnam. Many of us were forced to learn to run IV drips, feed, and change the diapers of our friends because even many health care professionals would not do so.

Oh yes. Gay Activist remembers that well. There are still echoes of that attitude here, today. Try telling a dentist you are gay.

Internationally, it became clear that heterosexual sex was going to be the biggest factor in the global spread of the disease, despite bogus claims by many on the American religious right that AIDS was a “gay plague” brought on by God to punish homosexuals. Those battles and debates rage on today in some quarters, but thankfully the advocates of such positions are now widely recognized for the bigots and ignoramuses that they are.

The AIDS epidemic was declared in June 1981.

Updated 23 November 2014: Original source item and photo no longer available. Photo replaced.

Gloucester Times



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