Arthur Laurents



Tom and Arthur. NY Magazine | 14197

Gay Activist is sad to note the death of Arthur Laurents, writer of such classic stage musicals as West Side Story and Gypsy, who has died in New York aged 93. Mr Laurent’s long time partner Tom Hatcher died in 2006.

Mr Laurents was blacklisted in the early 1950s after a review of an early work was printed in the Daily Worker. He appeared before the House Un-American Activities Committee. While abroad, his American passport was withdrawn and work in the US was denied him. He fought to have his name withdrawn from the blacklist and submitted a long letter to the authorities. They concluded his political thoughts did not represent a threat, renewed his passport and de-blacklisted him.

His autobiography Original Story By Arthur Laurents: A Memoir of Broadway and Hollywood, was published in 2000.



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