Kenneth Williams’ secrets unravel



Williams (centre) in 1969 with Clive Dennis, left, and Tom Waine, right | Tom Waine | 14012

The comedian Kenneth Williams died more than twenty years ago. A new book by Christopher Stephens reveals more of his unusual private life and his celebrated diaries.

The appearance of Williams’s daily entries turns out to be evidence of an unsuspected twist in his psyche, a bewildering array of handwriting styles and an extraordinary personal colour-coding system…”Tom Waine and Clive Dennis feature frequently in the published extracts, but they’re never fully identified,” Christopher Stevens said. “One was an Oxford graduate working in the media and the other a postman.



Thousands march on Washington



The march | Unknown photographer, Associated Press, 2009 | 14013

Thousands of people marched through Washington on 11 October 2009 to demand greater civil rights for gay men and lesbians, to end a ban on gay people serving openly in the military, and for the speedy removal of legal restrictions on same-sex partnerships.

Julian Bond of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People compared gay rights to the civil rights movement.

“Black people of all people should not oppose equality and that is what marriage is all about. We have a lot of real and serious problems in this country, and same-sex marriage is not one of them. Good things don’t come to those who wait, but they come to those who agitate.”