Bette Bourne, “Bloolips”


Pleasant to read a perceptive review today in the Guardian of Bette ‘Bloolips’ Bourne, famed drag act, who was there at the start of the gay liberation movement in the UK and is still out there batting for us approaching the grand age of 70. Bette is appearing at the Edinburgh Festival.


Bette Bourne | Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian | 14008

There are some filthy jokes and blissful moments, including an occasion when Bourne, dressed in drag, was up in court on obstruction charges relating to a gay lib demo. The judge demands that Bourne remove his hat because he is a man, and Bourne refuses. “Why?” barks the judge. “Because it matches my shoes,” replies Bourne.

Bloolips were so influential they appear in the American Museum of Vaudeville.

Gay Activist sends congratulations and best wishes to Bette.

The source document at The American Museum of Vaudeville is no longer available.



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